35c3 retrospective

And now it’s the time of the year where I post all the talks of the chaos communication congress that I can recommend. Due to the baby I only managed to be there for a day. Let’s see how many days I make it the next time :wink:. I didn’t watch any talks live because I focused on connecting with all the people I haven’t seen for too long. Luckily everything is online and I watched tons on my couch the last few weeks. And as always: if you think I missed an important talk, feel free to ping me.

All Your Gesundheitsakten Are Belong To Us

A scary look at some of the solutions for the electronic storage of health records in germany.


What the Fax?!

Hack a company network by owning a fax machine.


Best of Informationsfreiheit

The yearly state of the union of FragDenStaat.de


Venenerkennung hacken

One of the last not hacked biometric systems: veine recogintion


Freude ist nur ein Mangel an Information

Not a talk, but a nice stand up routine of Nico Semsrott


Die dreckige Empirie

A nice introduction into how empirical research works.


Du kannst alles hacken – du darfst dich nur nicht erwischen lassen.

Short introduction into dos and don’ts when starting to learn hacking.


Court in the Akten

Overview of two important projects of FragDenStaat: OpenSchufa and OffeneGesetze.


“The” Social Credit System

Current state of social credit systems in China.


Let’s reverse engineer the Universe

What is dark matter and how does it all work in the current models of the universe.


Verhalten bei Hausdurchsuchungen

Do you know what to do when the police is standing in front of your door and demands to search your apartment/hacker space? If no, this talk is a must watch. Based on the experience of the Zwiebelfreunde you will learn what to do and how to prepare for a raid.


How medicine discovered sex

A brief introduction into the paradigm shifting realm of sex- and gender-sensitive medicine.


Genom-Editierung mit CRISPR/Cas

Do you always wanted to understand what CRISPR is and what the limits of that technology is right now? This talk explains it all.



Sadly lots of german states currently add laws that will allow the police to do more and potential bad stuff. This talk shows the current state of those laws.


Martin Sonneborn: Meine Abenteuer im EU-Parlament

Sadly I haven’t found this video on the media.ccc.de server, but luckily there was a youtube mirror. Martin Sonneborn is a member of the eu parliament and here he shows what he did in the last few years.


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