34c3 retrospective

It’s time again for my list of talks that I loved on the chaos communication congress. Sadly I wasn’t able to be there this year. Hopefully I will be back at 35c3. Someone kept me rather busy :wink: .

And now to the talks I saw on my couch in the few moments of free time I had.

Der PC-Wahl-Hack

Three weeks before the german elections the CCC published a paper highlighting problems in a software that is used to transmit preliminary voting results. In this talk they explain what they found and what happened after they published the paper



The yearly state of „Frag den Staat“. Basically a must watch if you want to keep up to date on the transparency laws in Germany.


All Computers Are Beschlagnahmt

The ban of Indymedia linksunten from the view of the lawyer of indymedia.


Dude, you broke the Future!

A science fiction author lays out his what he thinks went wrong in the 21st century and what might come next and how we can influence it.


The Ultimate Apollo Guidance Computer Talk

If you ever wanted to know what kind of computer was used to land the Apollo Missions on the moon, this talk is for you!


Tightening the Net in Iran

How does the Internet in Iran work? What are people using and how? Really interesting view into how people deal with the „filternet.“



The Author of „Känguruhchroniken“ reads out of his next book „Qualityland“.


The Internet in Cuba: A Story of Community Resilience

A fascinating view on the network infrastructure people in Cuba are using.


Die Lauschprogramme der Geheimdienste

Hans-Christian Ströbele, former Member of the German Parliament for the Green party talks about the NSA/BND investigation panel of the parliament.


elektronisches Anwaltspostfach - einfach. digital. kaputt

German Lawyers should have been forced to use a digital email system called beA starting in January 2018. Sadly the system is full of errors and problematic design decisions. In this talk you will see lots of them. After this talk the German Layer Association stopped the roll out.


Pointing Fingers at ‚The Media‘

A nice analysis how the public discourse during the last election in Germany worked.


Tiger, Drucker und ein Mahnmal

The artist collective „Zentrum für Politische Schönheit“ talks about their political art instalations of the last three years.


Science is broken

Can we trust the scientific method? What can go wrong and how can we fix it? Really interesting talk that explains what can be improved in the current way we do science.


A hacker’s guide to Climate Change - What do we know and how do we know it?

Ever wondered about climate change? Ever tried to convince people that it is really happening? Then this talk is for you. Amazing overview about everything related to climate change.


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