Status of Lanyrd

When lanyrd was bought by Eventbrite in 2013 I had high hopes that the platform would continue to thrive. It was just a too good fit to be worried about it.

Sadly that wasn't the case. Lanyrd basically froze in time. The announcement blogpost was the 2nd last blogpost in Lanyrds history. The twitter account staid somewhat active retweeting random messages till September 2015. After that it stopped.

In the last couple of months the site got more and more unstable. To a point where it felt like it was more offline than online. Without any explanation. Tweets to it kept unanswered. Emails to the support staff didn't get any reply.

In short: I was worried.

After trying to reach out to several official channels I finally tried the Eventbrite press email. And to my surprise someone answered. The email included the following talking points:

  • Lanyrd is run separately from Eventbrites operations
  • We can confirm that we recently had problems with the uptime of Lanyrd. We are working on it.
  • We are developing a plan for the future of Lanyrd. Details will be shared in due time

The only takeaway here: they know it is in bad shape right now. It would be awesome if someoneTM would write a lanyrd alternative. I loved the service and discovered conferences with it that I would have never visited without it.