Ruby Book Club

Last week I asked on Twitter which books are essential for Ruby developers. And after talking with a few people I now have a collection of twelve books.

Let’s start with mine.

Eloquent Ruby Pratical Object-Oriented Design Growing Object-Oriented Software Understanding Computation Ruby Unter a Microscope

And if you are doing lots of web development, you should also get Design for Hackers.

Thankfully Lucas and Marco also contributed to my list. Both had some books I already mentioned, so I just post the books that were missing on my initial list:


Ruby Best Practices Confident Ruby Working with unix processes Patterns of Enterprice Application Architecture


Design Patterns in Ruby Metaprogramming Ruby Refactoring Ruby Edition

What are yours?

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Bodo Tasche
Polyglot Developer

I am a freelance polyglot developer and love HTML5, testing, TypeScript, Ruby and Elixir. In the last 20 years I have been in lots of different roles, from Java to Elixir, from backend developer at a 3 people team in an early phase startup to the CTO of a web agency. Some of my work can be seen on my projects page.

Need help developing your MVP or to add new features into your current app? Need a CTO or a front/backend developer for hire? Send me an email.