Gem::Web Plugin - Open the github page for a gem

Two weeks ago I stumbled upon a nice little script in Michael Grosser’s Dotfiles. That little script helps to open the webpage of a gem. It gets the information from rubygems and opens a browsers with the webpage configured in the gemspec.

I thought this Idea was really great and upgraded the code to a rubygem plugin. To install the plugin enter the following line into your terminal:

$ gem install gem-web

To open the github page of the Ruby on Rails project, just enter this:

$ gem web rails

The plugin can also open the webpage or the documentation, if it is configured in the gemspec.

  -g, --github                     Open github page of gem, this searches all urls for a github page. This is the default.
  -c, --sourcecode                 Open sourcecode gem
  -d, --doc                        Open documentation of gem
  -w, --webpage                    Open webpage of gem

You can find the code of this Gem on Github.

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