Rails Rumble 2012 : Happy Geocode

Phew, what a weekend. 48 hours of pure fun at the Rails Rumble. Rails What?! For all of you who don't know what the Rails Rumble is: it is a contest for Rails developers. Implement an awesome idea in 48 hours and win prizes while doing so. Awesome, right? Out of the 500 teams who participated, around 300 got a working version of their idea...well, mostly working :wink: .

Our idea was to create a working geocoder for OpenStreetMap. A geocoder can reference an address like "Bergstr. 1, 50789 Köln" to a point on a map. There are a few geocoders available for the OpenStreetMap, but sadly they have tons of problems. Ours does not :smile: . You can find it at happy-geoco.de.

Please vote for it.

If you are interested in the technical background, Klaus wrote a nice article about it. Worth a read!