Terminal, can I haz nice welcome image?

21 Jun 2012

During a presentation yesterday at the cologne.rb @railsbros_andi showed his terminal. It had a nice spiderman ascii art on top of the input line. This inspired me to investigate how to add a nice image when opening a new shell.

My result looks like this:

Now every time I open my shell, I am greeted by the joker. How cool is that ;) ? You can see the code behind that in this commit.

But how did I do that? Luckily it was not that hard. After searching the web for possible image converters I found icat on github. Simply install it and let it convert an image. Pipe that image to a text file and cat that at the start of your shell. Done.

brew install imlib2
git clone https://github.com/atextor/icat
cd icat
./icat ~/joker.png > ~/.dotfiles/logo.ascii

And now you have to find an image that you want to use smile .