Moved to uberspace

If you can read this, you are accessing on my new virtual server. Yeay!

I moved to Host Europe in 2010 and was kinda okay with it. The server was fast enough, the service was okayish and everything worked. What I really hated was the administration part of it. Plesk is a pain in the ass to use. Totally cluttered and unintuitive. And the Host Europe Admin System (aka Kiss) is nothing better.

A few weeks ago I heard about a hosting provider a few friends of mine are using. At first I was kinda astonished that someone could talk with so much passion about a hosting provider. Usually that’s nothing to get passioned about. Cluttered Interfaces, okayish support…why should I get in love with something like that? But than I tried it for myself.

Uberspace is different. I fell in love in the first few minutes I tried it. They show how webhosting should be done.

  • Easy interface
  • Create new accounts in seconds
  • A complete ssh interface with everything that is important to me preconfigured. Starting from htop to Midnight Commander everything was there.
  • Good performance (at least on the server I am running this on :wink: )
  • Adding a new Mail Address is just one entry in the .qmail away
  • They are open about the used tech
  • The wiki has tons of easy to understand articles
  • Great support. Usually they answer within a really short time. Even on sundays. And the best thing about that: the answer is not a robot mail or from a sales guy.
  • No strange artificial limits (e.g. as many databases as I need) as long as my quota of 10 gigabyte hard disc is not reached

And now one of the best parts: the pricing. It’s up to you. The minimum price is 1€ per uberspace per month. It’s advised that you pay around 5-10€. I have decided to pay 16€ for the service. And it’s worth every penny of it. Why 16€? That was the price I payed at Host Europe :smile: . After moving a few more domains to uberspace, I will increase that even more. If you like something, you should show it.

You should give them a try. The first 30 days are free!

Some tech facts:

  • 10 gigabytes of space per uberspace
  • Minimum of 1€ per uberspace per month, 1,50€ per uberspace with a domain (+ 5€ service charge for registering the domain). You also can register the domain somewhere else and connect that one to your uberspace for free
  • 100 gigabytes of traffic per month per uberspace
  • unlimited mysql databases (the disc quota is used to limit this), they are thinking on how to implement PostgreSQL
  • IPs in the logfiles are anonymized. They do everything they can to reduce the amount of data they have. They even don’t have my adress and never asked for it.
  • Rails and node.js supported

If you have more questions about Uberspace just ask them :smile: .

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