Euruko 2012

And Euruko did it again. This was my second time at a Euruko conference and I am as impressed as I was last year in Berlin. The organizers here in Amsterdam have done a great job to make the conference a huge success. The @tenderlove friday hug should also considered to be a Euruko organizers hug :wink: .

(Photo by Terence Lee)

Things I loved:

  • The Tuschinksi Theater was one of the most insane conference locations. Just look at the photos. Unbelievable.
  • The party at the roest was a great closure for the event. Nice people, a fireplace and it was near my airbnb apartment :wink: .
  • The talks where great. My list of stuff to investigate is pretty long now. Hopefully I will have time to try everything on the next weekend.
  • The people. The vibe was great. Okay, there where some haters, but sadly you can’t have a conference of 600 people without them :( .
  • The fruits they handed out as snacks. Good Idea to keep us nerds on a healthy diet. Athens, can you do that, too?
  • The bob ross theme that @roy added to the conference during his talk. (Btw: thanks again for the sticker, roy :wink: )
  • The iPhone/Android app with push notifications for updates during the conference
  • The rfid checkin game

And if you missed it, you can get the vibe of the first day in this video. There will be more videos and the talks uploaded soon.

I can’t wait to be in Athens next year.

And Athens, one little thing: can you make the voting process for the euruko 2013 better? Create a site where every attendee can vote, or use handsigns. The sound volume stuff is not good enough anymore.

Portrait photo of Bodo Tasche
Bodo Tasche
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