Hcking.de Hackathon!!

Lucas and I want to speed up the development on hacken.in a little bit. And for that we will do an all weekend hacking event called “hacken.in hackathon” on the weekend of 8th/9th october. It will be a weekend with coding, pizza, Club Mate and lots of fun.

Do you want to participate? Register for the event today! Details can be found on hacken.in.

Portrait photo of Bodo Tasche
Bodo Tasche
Polyglot Developer

I am a freelance polyglot developer and love HTML5, testing, JavaScript, Ruby and Elixir. In the last 20 years I have been in lots of different roles, from Java to Elixir, from backend developer at a 3 people team in an early phase startup to the CTO of a web agency. Some of my work can be seen on my projects page.

Need help developing your MVP or to add new features into your current app? Need a CTO or a front/backend developer for hire? Send me an email.