The book that changed my life

If I had to name one book that changed my life, it will be the book on the lower right. It's the handbook of a Commodore 64. I will never forget the "Ahhhh" moment I got after entering the first lines of basic into our brand new computer on christmas eve:

10 print "Hallo"
20 goto 10

C64 Manual

Actually the first lines of basic I entered into the c64 were from "Fix and Foxy", a German magazine for kids. But after entering the few examples from that little magazine, I started reading the handbook. And I started to understand what I just wrote.

Nowadays "handbook" means a PDF on a disc that only shows how to do very basic things. In the 80s, it was more than that. Way more. It covered everything from first steps in basic to a few examples on how to access the graphic memory to create images and move them around on the screen. And it was well written. Well enough for a child to understand it. Well enough for me to start writing my first few little games.

It ignited a fire that is still burning inside me and hopefully will burn a few more decades.

What was your book that changed everything?

Ps: This is me on that first night with the C-64. The folder next to me is all the stuff from the "Fix and Foxy" magazine I collected in the months before.