Javascript: The good parts

Another week, another book. JavaScript: The Good Parts. But I can't recommend this book. Imagine your worst teacher. The guy who could put you into a coma only by thinking of him. A boring guy that can't teach, but tries to speak about fact after fact. Using huge diagrams and tons of boring examples. And now try to imagine that this teacher tries to write a book. This is exactly what you will get.

It's a sleeping pill in book form. Unbelievable. The author really thinks that by showing railroad diagrams he can explain the language. But we don't want to write a lexer for a compiler. We want to learn good Javascript. And tons of diagrams won't help here. He even tries to explain RegExp-parsing with those Diagrams.

And the pages where he shows how to write a JSON-Parser?! Why?! Oh my god.

In short: stay away from this book. Really far away.