Chrome Passwordmaker

There are three options to create passwords for websites:

  • Use one password for all sites. This is stupid and very dangerous. Don't do this.
  • Create a password for each site you visit and remember them somehow. There are a lot of tools to help you with this and store all passwords for all sites.
  • Use a hash algorithm to create a unique password for each site. This is not as safe as the 2nd method, but more convenient.

I used the 3rd method using a plugin for Firefox called "Passwordmaker". Since I switched to Chrome, I couldn't use that anymore. Searching in the chrome extension library showed one extension that used the passwordmaker hashing algorithm, but sadly that one was a bad joke. It simply wrapped a html page into a chrome extension. It was barely usable. A perfect opportunity to learn how to write extensions for chrome :smile: . If you want a good chrome password generator, you can now find my version in the chrome extension library.

Install it now.

The code for the extension can be found on github.