My favorite chrome extensions

At the moment Chrome is the best browser on the market. It uses the fastest rendering engine (Webkit) in combination with a very fast javascript engine. But my most favored feature is not the speed, it's the extension system. Here I will post a few I use on a daily basis.

Delicious Bookmarks Extension

Sync your bookmarks with your delicious account. Not perfect, but a good start. Hopefully this extension soon gets the all features of the firefox version.



The best ad blocker for chrome.


RSS Subscription Extension

Chrome can't handle rss feeds, this extension fixes that. Click and subscribe in your google reader.


Google Quick Scroll

Highlights the text you searched for in pages you opened after clicking in the google result list.



Vim-Mode for Chrome. If you hate to use your mouse.



Add a button to the toolbar for opening the download page.


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Nightly builds

At the moment I am using the nightly builds of chrome to get the newest features and the best speed. I hated the manual installation process, so I created a little shell script for my mac. You can get it in my github repository: chromium-install.