Fuck, a search engine fixed it.

I love to test new web search engines. Every few months I try to use a new one for a few hours. Mostly just to check if finally someone made something that creates results that are equal or better than Google’s. Yes, I hate the Google monopoly and I use Gmail, Google Calendar and fucking every other service they offer (except for Buzz…that one sucks monkey balls :smile: ). BUT I only use those because they are the best services, not because I love Google that much.

The first query I do is always my name. I know all pages I have written on and this is a nice hint on how the sites are rated on that engine. After that I search for a few things that are hard to find or stuff like “ruby” that could mean a lot of different things. One of the queries that no search engine could answer is the search for my brothers name. Yes, some people search engines could find him, but I don’t use those kind of search engines.

Today something strange happend. I entered his name into “Duck duck go” and the first page was filled with links about him. His name could be translated to “Oliver Bag” and if you search for “Oliver Tasche” on Google, you will find tons of pages filled with stores that sell “s.Oliver Bags”. Not on Duck Duck go. They found him. Just compare the results for yourself on Google or on Duck Duck go.

Maybe I just found my new search engine :smile: .

Update: I had a small issue and asked them about it and got an answer from the founder of Duck Duck go himself within a few minutes. How awesome is that?!

My issue was very simple: the default region was set to USA. If you want to get localized to your region, you can change that in the settings.

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