Updated to b2evolution 2.x

Today I updated my complete Site to b2evolution 2.0. It was a little bit harder than I thought because I had to rewrite some of my Plugins and recreate the complete skin for the new skin-system.

So today I will release three new and one updated Plugin.


This Plugin creates the TagCloud on the right Side of this Blog. It only uses categories and not the new field "Tags" for the Cloud, so it actually should be called "CategoryCloud" :wink: .

This is an updated Version of this Plugin.


If you want to have special messages for certain referers (e.g. everyone that searches for your name and gets to your page) or users with certain ip-adresses, you can use this plugin.


If you want a description for some of your categories, you can add them with this plugin. An example can be seen here. This plugin can also create teasers at the bottom of a posting for the category. E.g. "more delicious recepies can be found here...".


This plugin adds links to social bookmarking sites at the bottom of each posting.