Henplus on Mac OS using Fink

I can't live without it: Henplus. It's a great commandline interface to JDBC-Databases.

To install Henplus on Mac OS X you need to follow these few steps:

  • Install Fink
  • Enter : sudo fink install readline-java in the Terminal
  • Modify the build.xml, this modifies the classpath to the location of the libreadline-java.jar:
<target name="compile" depends="prepare,Version.java" description="compile it">
 <javac srcdir="${src}" destdir="${classes}" classpath="/sw/share/java/readline-java/libreadline-java.jar"/>
  • Modify the bin/henplus-Skript and changes the Library-Paths to the Fink-Installation
  • Create a Symbolic Link to /sw/lib/libJavaReadline.jnilb in the Directory ~/Library/Java/Extensions
  • Run sudo ant install
  • Install all your needed JDBC-Drivers in /usr/share/henplus
  • That's it